Testimonials from Our Students and Parents

I found walking into a martial art school to be far more intimidating than I originally expected. However, from the first meeting and conversation with both Ricky and Meghan, owners/head instructors, all doubts and worries were cast aside. Their dedication to their craft, as well as keeping a fun, professional, family friendly environment is why we've fallen in love with at Mu Sool Won of South Austin. The adult/kid classes are a huge deal to me and allow me to work/train alongside my 5-year-old letting us experience Mu Sool Won together, as well as several adult only classes to choose from each day, all taught by professional, patient, and kind black belts in a family first professional environment!

- Bart C. - 1/24/2017

Mu Sool Won of South Austin is a great school! We have two sons who have been taking classes for almost 5 years (since 2012). We can definitely count on Ricky and Meghan because they have such a natural style for working with children and adolescents.

They consistently go above and beyond when it comes to being involved in our son's lives not only when it comes to their martial arts training. Ricky and Meghan have further taken the time to be a part of our son's lives and give them advice on how to make good decisions, be assertive, and confident while remembering to be humble and disciplined.

We highly recommend Mu Sool Won of South Austin because it is not only a wonderful martial arts school, but because they make you feel like family!

- Leonel & Martha A., two children ages 12 & 13 - 1/24/2017

Mu Sool Won of South Austin has been great for our kids who have learned discipline and etiquette on top of their martial arts skills. The school, especially as you show dedication by training into the upper ranks, becomes an extension of your family that you actually like to hang out with. The many events like Kids Night Out, Halloween Haunted Houses, and Easter parties are always something our kids look forward to participating in. We whole-heartedly recommend anyone give Mu Sool Won of South Austin a try!

- Bheeshmar R., two children ages 14 & 15 - 1/21/2017

My son has been attending Mu Sool Won of South Austin for 5 years now (since 2012). This program has been a blessing to our family beyond measure. We were just looking for an activity that improved his physical skills, while providing an outlet for activity. Never could we have known all that this program would provide to our son. In addition to becoming flexible, balanced, and athletic, he has gained a community of peers and role models. He has more confidence, and learned the importance of integrity, hard work, and respect.

The owner, Ricky, is the perfection of a playful kid, merged with a teacher of great character. Family and community is paramount to him. He provides a multitude of opportunities for his students to be part of a larger group. He provides a monthly evening where the kids come to play dodgeball, nerf gun, and a movie. He has an annual Halloween party, Easter egg hunt, family potlucks, and demonstrations for kids to attend and participate in.

I love that there are several classes offered each day, so you are not bound to a set day or time to train. If you have the time, you can stay for more than one class. This flexibility is wonderful! The South Austin Mu Sool Won program offers so much more than martial arts program; it's a family community with an instructor who builds confidence, character, and a close relationship with his students. It is one of the best decisions we've made for our son!

- Steffanie S., one child aged 10 - 1/21/2017

Mu Sool Won has been a great help to me. It's wonderful to know that on just about any evening, the school is there. A trusty, positive atmosphere in which to escape the stress of daily life. Mu Sool Won keeps me in better shape, and has been a good relief of anxiety. I am always happy to come in and train with the Mu Sool Won family. Meghan and Ricky SBN, ya'll are the best. Thank you so much for your patience with me. It's been a great three years. And I look forward to many more.

- Patrick T. - 1/20/2017

I have a son and a daughter at this school and we really couldn't be happier. Not only is Mu Sool Won a terrific martial art but Mu Sool Won of South Austin is a great place to learn it. Mu Sool Won is very comprehensive, encompassing all of the traditional Korean martial arts into one; so, whereas some martial arts emphasize kicking, punching or grappling, Mu Sool Won has it all, in addition to meditative forms, defense techniques and pressure point instruction. And perhaps most importantly, this school is run by people with a passion for martial arts and a true dedication to their students. All of the instructors are very positive role models, and as a parent I really value the impact they have on my kids. They've got a great ability to instill etiquette, respect and discipline while teaching the many aspects of the art, and at the same time making it a lot of fun. We thought my daughter might want to quit after earning her black belt, but she continues learning new and advanced material and is as motivated as ever. She and my son also both have many opportunities to hone their leadership skills while in Mu Sool Won classes. Many parents of children who are students at Mu Sool Won of South Austin have been motivated to join after seeing all that their kids are learning, and the school has made it convenient for parents to work out at the same time as their kids. That, and the fact that many of the students have transferred from other schools and disciplines further attests to Mu Sool Won of South Austin's quality as a martial arts school.

- David L.

Ricky has the unique talent of balancing skill and fun, and I see the obvious results in my two boys. They have been taught by Ricky for the past 3 years. My boys exhibit competent and precise techniques as proven by their steady belt promotion through the years and their medal winning performances at tournaments.

Under Ricky's tutelage, they've also been able to sustain their enthusiasm and commitment to martial arts and that speaks volumes to me about Ricky's gift for making the sport fun. I'm extremely conscientious about the activities and instructors I surround my children with and undoubtedly, our experiences with Ricky have been very positive.

- Kristine P., two children ages, ages 19 & 16.

Ricky and his team are awesome! My son has been a student of Ricky's for several years. Ricky personally takes the time to provide excellent instruction and motivation to his students. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my son's balance, coordination, and most importantly, his self confidence and esteem.

The school provides a friendly, family-oriented, respectful enviroment and the instructors give personal attention to each student. I highly recommend Ricky and his team at Mu Sool Won of South Austin to anyone interested in studying Martial Arts.

- Tori P.

Ricky is a martial arts instructor who really connects with the kids. He takes the time to get to know individual students and through positive teaching motivates them to become the best they can be. His classes emphasize respect, discipline and focus, all while getting a great work out and having fun. My kids have been training with Ricky for almost three years and they love it!

- Kelly W., three children ages 10 to 14.